Sunrise Kingdom and Chronomasters - UPDATE

Dirk Hoppe & Gunnar Nickel
2022-07-30 11:36:00 / / Comments 0
Sunrise Kingdom and Chronomasters - UPDATE -

From King Racoon Games:

Hello dear Tsukuyumi fans,

Thank you for your patience until here! The good news is: Everything concerning Chronomasters and Sunrise Kingdom is currently in print.

The thing we don't have an answer to ourselves is how long it will take in the end now. That's because the international situation - as you can imagine - with resource shortages, logistics difficulties and rising resource prices is not easy to keep track of. Especially not for a small publisher like us.

We can guarantee that the game will definitely reach all pre-orderers as soon as it arrives from the printer. So we have to ask you for a little more patience, and unfortunately we can't do anything about it ourselves.

As you can imagine, such a situation is very unpleasant for us as a publisher, and we would have liked to get your games to you on time. Nevertheless, we are not resting on our laurels, but are continuing to develop our current prototypes diligently and with great pleasure. There's a lot coming up next year, you can already look forward to it! For now, we are looking forward to shipping Sunrise Kingdom and the Chronomasters soon, because as we said, we are confident that the game will arrive safe and sound soon. We can only say one thing for sure: it will be there before the Essen Game Fair.

Best regards from the much too warm Ludwigsburg
Your raccoons